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Learn More About Periodontal Disease and Wellness in Fort Lauderdale, FL

The practice of Dr. LaSalle is designed for our patient’s comfort and health. We believe overall health begins with healthy gums and we are focused on providing our Fort Lauderdale patients with the very best in periodontal care.

Perio, or gum health plays a pivotal role in the well-being of each person. We treat our patients according to their individual needs, giving them the attention and treatment needed.Gum/Periodontal-Disease-Treatment-Fort-Lauderdale-Dentistry-33308

What is Periodontal Wellness?

Periodontal wellness refers to the health of the soft tissue in the mouth which is prone to bacteria, inflammation and infection. Dr. LaSalle and his team closely monitor patients for signs of gum disease, infection or any oral problems that arise.

Gum Disease is linked to other Systemic Diseases

Through practicing good dental habits, we aren’t just preventing gum disease, but improving the whole health of our patients. Inflammation and bacteria found in patients with poor dental health has been linked to serious health conditions to include heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.

Gums that easily Bleed is not Normal
One of the more common misconceptions
is that it is normal for gums to bleed when they are brushed and flossed. This is a truly dangerous belief, and gums that are bleeding are usually inflamed and infected. It is important to seek help. Our Fort Lauderdale practice offers one hour dental cleanings and two hour deep cleanings, depending on the needs of our patients.

Common Symptoms of Gum or Periodontal Disease are:

• Tender gums
• Bright red gums
• Inflamed gums
• Gums that bleed easily
• Bad breath
• Loose teeth

Dr. LaSalle and staff understand patients prefer non-surgical treatments, and when possible that is what our practice provides. In addition to educating our patients on the importance of thorough and regular at-home dental cleaning, we provide minimally-invasive therapies that effectively shrink large pockets of bacteria.  We offer scaling and root cleaning as a way of deep cleaning the soft tissue below the gum line and locally administer Arestin, an antibiotic that is site specific and can clear up infection.
See the Difference in Caring for your Gums

By measuring inflammation and receding gums, patients see the positive impact their treatment plan is having on the health of their gums. Our Fort Lauderdale periopatients notice significant decreases in gum bleeding and swelling, as well as bad breath and soreness.

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Dr. LaSalle and his team are committed to improving your dental well-being. If you would like more information on periodontal wellness, or if your gums bleed when you floss and brush your teeth, please contact the office for an appointment today. We welcome patients from Fort Lauderdale and surrounding areas.